New DELTA HOUSE office building, whose construction is planned to be completed in the spring of 2021, will be LEED certified, which means it's planned and built according to the principles of green construction.
Just a few months before its first birthday, Delta Planet Mall was honored by both its visitors and construction professionals in the country - architects and engineers, the jury of the prestigious Building of the Year competition. The mall has established itself as one of the most preferred for visitors in Varna and grabbed a statuette in the category “Commercial buildings”.
On December 2, Delta Holding begins construction of a new office building, Delta House, the future headquarters of the company. This 40 million worth investment on almost 23,000 m2 will be situated in block 19, New Belgrade, between the hotel Crowne Plaza and Genex apartments.
Hotel Crowne Plaza celebrated its birthday with traditional party for its friends and clients.
Guests of the Holiday Inn Belgrade can enjoy the new look and concept of the lobby from September this year. Open lobby allows all guests and visitors to stay in a cozy and comfortable space where they can relax, work, enjoy food and drink and feel at home