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Hotel Indigo Belgrade

Hotel Indigo is a unique facility in Belgrade, designed, decorated and adapted to reflect local tradition and culture. Hotel Indigo is tucked away in the very center of Belgrade, in the main pedestrian zone of the city, between Kneza Mihaila and Čika Ljubina streets. The design of the hotel is artistically inspiring, full of details that make the interior special and characteristic of the city in which it is located. The charm, pulse and local story of Dorcol, one of the oldest parts of Belgrade, can be felt in every segment.

Hotel Indigo shows the atmosphere of the Belgrade region, the history of the city, the culture of food and drink and unique details of magnificent architectural beauty. The hotel is housed in a building that has  it's own history, rustic facade and hidden courtyard-atrium. At the foot of the building there are two floors with exclusive retail brands, and the hotel capacity is located on the upper floors.

Hotel Indigo has 46 rooms and suites, a restaurant with a private dining and meeting area and a fitness center.